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Animal Removal

Dealing with an unwanted animal problem in Panama City, Panama City Beach or surrounding areas? Gulf Coast Pest Control offers effective extermination services to the Bay county area. Animal pests present significant health risks as they introduce fleas, ticks, mites, worms and other dangerous parasites into your home, and some animals may transmit rabies in a defensive attack of themselves or their young.

Gulf Coast Pest Control utilizes a variety of deterrents and removal methods to keep your Panama City home free of animal pests, including raccoons, rodents like mice and rats, moles, squirrels and armadillos. We use live humane traps to remove unwanted wild animals and relocate them to rural locations.

While it’s not possible to protect your home from every animal pest, there are some things you can do to discourage them:

Bird Control

PigeonPigeons and house sparrows top the list of nuisance birds due to their nesting and waste habits. The average pigeon is responsible for more than 25 pounds of waste a year, which can corrode stone, metal and masonry due to the uric acid present in the bird’s droppings. Health problems are also a concern since droppings are a hotbed for bacteria, fungal agents and parasites. Humans can contract the respiratory disease histoplasmosis as a result of exposure to fungi in bird droppings. Sparrows’ nests threaten structural integrity, as they tend to build nests in gutters that then clog the gutters and eventually cause water damage to the building below. Another common pest is the woodpecker, who drills into trees, siding and soffits in search of insects. The destruction they leave behind not only damages your home, but creates an entry point for other pests. Bats are another pest, entering your home or business through cracks as small as a quarter of an inch and making their home inside your home. Like birds, bats’ droppings also have the potential to cause histoplasmosis in the humans who come in contact with it, and these flying mammals are also a likely transmitter of rabies. Gulf Coast Pest Control offers effective animal control services by utilizing nets and other devices to control birds and bats in the Panama City area. Contact us today for same-day service or to schedule recurring services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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