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Bedbug infestation is on the rise in North America after years of dormancy. International travel and increased migration are thought to have increased the bedbug population in the U.S., as the pest hitchhikes on luggage and clothing from one place to another. Hotel and motel guests are at the greatest risk of contact with bedbugs and are likely to bring the bugs home with them. In tourist-oriented areas like Bay, Walton, Gulf and Washington counties encompassing Panama City, Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach, the possibility of bedbugs poses a potential health threat.

Bedbugs leave large, itchy red welts, sometimes in clusters, on exposed skin – primarily the stomach, arms, neck, chest and legs – and then retreat toward cracks and crevices such as bed frames, mattress tufts, moldings and even picture frames. Their presence can be undetected apart from bites and possible blood.

However, if you turn on the lights in a heavily infested area, you may see these small parasitic insects, which are flat, reddish-brown and wingless. Other possible signs that you may have bedbugs include dark brown or black stains on your sheets, linens and mattress covers.

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Gulf Coast Pest Control can effectively rid your home or business of bedbugs by applying treatment specific to the situation. Our most common and successful method of treatment involves chemically treating all bedding, furnishings and carpets to eliminate the pest. If you have or suspect a bedbug infestation in your Panama City home or business, contact us today for same-day professional service.

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